Jackfruit (Artocarpus heterophyllus) Seedlings

by Adam Mørck

Jackfruit Seedlings will be coming available this year from some of the top tasting varieties. We are looking forward to making these available to our customers.

Seedling Varieties will be as follows:

Lemon Gold
Golden Pillow
Eviarc Sweet
Honey Gold

Jackfruit (Artocarpus heterophyllus) trees make the world's largest tree-grown fruit, and they have an incredibly complex flavor--generally tasting like a combination of tropical fruits. They are also one of the most healthy and diabetic friendly fruits you can consume.

Trees must be kept at temperatures above 40F / 5C, and can be grown in a large container or greenhouse if not housed in a tropical climate.

They are also quite aesthetic in appearance with very thick caliper trunks and beautiful leaves. In ground, these specimens become magnificent and they grow and mature to fruiting very quickly.

They can also be grafted easily with other varieties if preferred, and the fruit comes with an array of pulp colors (translucent, yellow, orange, red, pink), flavors and textures.

While the seedlings' fruits will not commonly be identical to their parents, they'll be very similar, so grafting is not always necessary to get a solid quality with this species of fruit tree.

All fruit tree collectors should own a jack fruit tree in their orchard.
Early reservations are allowed while they last. Trees will start selling and shipping once they reach 12 inches or taller.