Containers & Beds (Raised Beds/Fabric Pots/Aeration Bags/Seed Starters)

Containers & Beds (Raised Beds/Fabric Pots/Aeration Bags/Seed Starters)

Heavy Duty Fabric Aeration Containers with Handles

What are the Top 5 Benefits of these amazing Grow Bags?

Watering:  You simply cannot overwater your plants.  Fill the container with nutrient packed soils or soilless mixes and keep them in place without fear of suffocating your root systems and losing material from exposed holes in the sides or bottom.  

Note:  Gardeners in hotter and drier climates can add more peat, coco coir, vermiculite, and/or soil moist granules to their mixes to avoid having to water more often.  

Root Systems:  Roots are the life of your plants, and making sure they have the healthiest structure and development is critical.  Plastic pots force roots to circle and spiral their way around until they emerge from the bottom and become bound and compacted--causing difficulty and delay in delivering necessary water and nutrients to the plant, and stunting its growth.  In addition, hotter climates cause the plastic pots get overheated and cause dead zones within the root system.

Roots require favorable water, minerals, oxygen, support, warmth and development. 

Grow bags, however, will air prune the woody lateral roots as they approach the side and promote more development of nonwoody feeder roots and tertiary supports.  The fibrous roots of monocotyledons and the taproot systems of dicotyledons growing in acropetal succession are more systematically balanced and naturally correct.  Creating these superior root systems where transport of water and nutrients is maximized makes these aeration containers the wisest choice for growing plants, shrubs and trees when in-ground conditions are unfavorable.  Additionally, the soil stays warm from aeration, but will not create dead zones from overheating in the sun due to circulation.

Note:  As an added benefit, these grow bags offer some protection from native negative nematodes, soil borne illnesses and loss of minerals and supplements.

Versatility:  These aeration containers can be used as is, placed in a decorative container, or even buried into the ground.  The heavy duty handles allow for ease of transport from one place to another, or the need for overwintering frost sensitive plant species grown by zone-pushing collectors when relocating to the garage or greenhouse.

The bags do best when set directly on grassy, pebbled or mulched areas where some roots can emerge from the bottom and benefit from the micro-composting taking place beneath the container as it ages--which also reduces the need for watering.  Yet, alternatively, they can be set on pavers, patios, driveways, porches, etc., without leaking dirt out the bottom, and can be set on saucers to prevent surface discolorations.

One of the greatest benefits is the ability to bury the fabric container either partly or fully into the ground and allow the plant to benefit from native soils without disrupting the components surrounding the immediate root ball.

Note:  Ultimately, being able to plant in starter seed pouches, tall strawberry and potato bags, containers of all sizes from a quart to 100 gallons, or grow beds from 4 to 500 gallons in size (including shaped with supports), offers something for everyone and ensures all gardening needs are met for the healthiest root systems and most meticulous of growers.

Durability:  Built to last, these aeration fabric containers are light weight and extremely tough.  They can fully withstand the elements of extreme cold, high heat, drought, humidity, movement, wind, rain and coastal drift.  Being such a healthy environment, even moss tends to take residence on the sides of fabric containers and provide an even more stable structure for your plants' roots.  During normal use, these reusable plant super environments will last for many years.

Note:  We have fabric containers over half a decade old, reused many times, which look as good as the day we put them to use.

Value:   Affordable and long lasting, heavy duty fabric aeration bags with heavy duty handles cannot be beat and offer the best return for your investment while providing the ultimate solution in caring for lovely edibles and ornamentals.  Grow your garden with confidence, and do so without breaking the bank.

Note:  Your grow bags deserve to be thick, high quality and stitched with the strongest handles possible.  You get what you pay for, and AKME Gardens will make sure you are equipped with the best aeration fabric containers on the market.