Privacy Policy



The types of information we collect at AKME Gardens helps us to provide quality services and improve your experience when working with us.

Personal information you share on our websites or social media platforms is stored privately and not sold, rented or shared with any other party for any reason without your sole consent. We only utilize information we collect for the purposes of making legitimate hiring decisions for employees and contractors, when establishing new business clientele, or when maintaining operations and services with existing customers. We have no affiliation with any advertisements you may encounter while navigating any of our online platforms.

Any promotional content, emails, text messages, phone calls, electronic negotiations, qualification screenings and other forms of written or verbal communication as a result of information you provided us will only be conducted by representatives of AKME Gardens, and any third-party communication taking place otherwise is not provided, requested, endorsed, affiliated or represented by our company.

We will never send recurring spam messages to your email or phone and will only send informed updates for periodic sales, wish lists or status updates if you choose to give us permission to do so.