AKME Gardens

We are a family owned and operated nursery which specializes in diverse and rare varieties of temperate, sub-tropical and tropical plants and fruit trees.

We are also known for having one of the largest selections and collections of mature species and cultivars of Eriobotrya trees, with E. japonica as our primary focus, and have developed over a dozen genetically improved varieties through careful and controlled cross-pollination of known cultivars over the years.

Our Alabama-based nursery is uniquely certified to ship to and receive from all States and Territories and most countries which allow germplasm trade with the USA within phytosanitary limitations. Due to rigorous inspections, quarantine practices, locality regulations, licensing, credentialing and preventative measures, we are also certified to ship plants in our soilless custom mixes and do not have to ship any plants as bare roots—allowing them to maintain a fully undisturbed root ball for year-round shipping with greatly reduced shock. As a result, we are also able to offer a Transshipping service as a liaison when online nurseries are not licensed to ship to certain states.

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Orders placed for germplasm are collected fresh, cleaned and sorted before packaging and require processing before shipment. Orders will be combined for shipping credits when added prior to shipping dates, and we will do so automatically for eligible orders placed within the same queue.

FREE Ground Shipping on Plant, Seed and Germplasm orders over $150.00. Use Discount Code at checkout: FREESHIP (Excludes Custom Trees, Merch & International Orders).

holidays and extreme weather conditions may cause changes in shipping dates


Email Us: Sales@AKMEGardens.com

News: Unfortunately, most of our property and inventory was destroyed and stolen due to vandalistic acts during a period of hospitalization and forced us into a state of recovery.

During this time, we've worked to replenish our stock and begin fulfilling custom orders which were affected.

Due to this risk, a decision was made to discontinue pre-paid custom grafted tree orders entirely, fulfill (again) or refund the orders affected, and limit customizations to only a wish-list style.

The herbicidal poisons used were devastating to our properties, but we are committed to making it right with our customers after the excessive delays in processing this caused.

Shipping (1-2 Weeks)

Collection Dates: Saturdays and Mondays (weather permitting)

Tracking #: Emailed and Texted (sent first week)

Ship Dates: Tuesday and Thursday (following week)

Note: International orders may take 4-6 weeks to process due to phytosanitary certifications.

Disclaimer: We are certified to ship containerized plants to all 50 States and US Territories. We cannot ship Citrus outside of Alabama.

Build Your Own

Wish List: We will no longer accept new custom grafted orders for any reason as we once did.

Due to infiltration and sabotage of our previous properties, and unpreventable damages to completed specimens during the shipping process, we've determined that multi-grafted trees will be limited to no more than three (3) grafts only and sold after completion as a completed project.

Customers may request a wish-list of a desired multi-grafted tree and will be given preference upon its completion prior to being sold to the public.

Our Mission

Our goal is to encourage the sustainability of our precious, natural resources by preserving the integrity and desirability of our wonderful orchards through diversifying edible landscapes.

Together, we can protect our plant cultivars, planet, passion, and ultimately our future.

What We Offer

We offer a large selection of rare fruit tree varieties which were collected from around the world.

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Wish-List Cocktail Trees

Our wish-list grafting services allow you to create, mix and match any variety of scion wood you wish to own.  Choose up to 3 unique varieties on a group of trees or a single tree. The choice is yours. If you want it, we can make it happen.

Wish-List Grafting Services is currently available for the following tree types:

Apple | Pear | Loquat | Fig | Citrus | Blueberry | Stonefruits (Peach, Plum, Apricot, Nectarine, Cherry, Almond, Interspecifics, etc.) | Camelia | Azalea | Hibiscus | Rose

We have hundreds of unlisted varieties available for most fruit tree types--please inquire for unique and special requests by emailing Sales@akmegardens.com. Please expect a turnaround time of 6-24+ months for wish-list grafted orders depending on the type and complexity of the order.

Scion Wood

You will only get the best quality when ordering from us. All scion wood is derived from our fruiting wood and has been grown to maturity to validate its authenticity. There is a desired mix of fresh budwood and lignified surfaces on every scion. Each individual cutting is carefully examined, collected, tagged, isolated, washed, scrubbed, de-leafed, treated, hydrated, re-inspected and safely stored.

Please note, some scion wood is seasonal for certain trees and shrubs and not available year round.

Seeds & Fruit

We have seeds of most varieties available seasonally. Be advised that the fruit of a seedling will not be the same as its parentage, but many physical properties of the tree’s genetic markers may carry over, such as size, growing patterns, prolificity, resistances and tolerances.

Every individual seed is carefully harvested, examined, isolated, washed, scrubbed, de-pulped, treated, re-inspected and safely stored—yes, every single one, individually.

Fruit & Seeds are available seasonally and will appear on the website when ready.